Those of DCites who live in and around the city we need your help. A college girl from California is going to be spending the summer in the DC metro area and currently in the place-to-stay hunt. It’s for an internship in the downtown area, but rent around there is high. What’s a good place close to a metro stop that isn’t expensive and not shady?

If you’ve been a comment shy lady or guy from DC now’s your chance!

I’d keep the Metrorail system map in mind. For the most part, the center of the map within the city limits are fairly safe and any residential areas are probably not cheap. Stay away from the Southeast section of the map and I’d avoid that section of the Green line completely.

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The section of the Orange line in Virginia (toward the left of the map) and although a bit far (30 mins) from downtown you should be able to get a good price on rent and these areas are generally suburban safe. As for the rest of the map, hopefully some people who live in the District can help a bit more than I can.

Once you do find some potential addresses you can use this clickable Metro map to get an idea of nearby streets and this trip planner to get an idea of how much and how long your ride will end up being.