Ever watch a movie and said, “I want to go there”? Here are three DVDs you should pick up to get your inner vagabond inspired to travel the globe.

  • The Motorcycle Diaries – The now legendary story of Che Guevara‘s early years and the events of his youth that built the revolutionary leader to come. A motorcycle tour across South America with beautiful cinematography of the landscapes of Argentina, Peru, and Venezuela to name a few. Perhaps what makes this film touch our inner free spirits is people Guevara and his companion [Alberto] Granado meet along the way. If you enjoy the movie, the book and actually diaries written by Guevara of the trip are even better – plus books don’t run out of batteries like video iPods 😉

    • Also, if you’re looking for some background music while you surf the web, the Motorcycle Diaries homepage plays a good portion of the powerful soundtrack from the film.
  • Long Way Round – We love motorcycles because they embody the essence of what it is to be free. Riding the modern-day horse, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman live out their boyhood dreams and go around the world on motorbike. Writing and filming along the way the 2-disk DVD set lets you feel like you are on the ride with them. It shows the hardships, dangers, and mini-triumphs of the 5 month trip. Drinking vodka and singing songs with the Ukrainian mafia, eating testicles with Mongolian nomads, and getting rear-ended in Canada doesn’t even begin to sum it up.
    • The fairly quick read, Long Way Round, the writings of the two is better than the film. Buy it with the DVD from Amazon.com and it’s only about $30 for both.
    • The second adventure, a motorcycle tour of Africa is taking place now. The film should be released in September 2007.
    • The trip also includes stops to UNICEF centers along the way to raise awareness about the plight of children in poorer countries. Children still suffering from the effects of the Chernobyl disaster, and living in the sewers of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar. You can donate to UNICEF and I’ll do some chores for charity.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Ok, so everyone kinda wanted be a pirate before watching this film. Now, everyone really wants to be one. All fiction aside, the open ocean, action, and rum seem the ideal life for those wanting to live the life of the ultimate beach bum. The third installment is just around the corner and sword fights, sea creatures, and beautiful blue oceans will have you wanting some sun just in time for summer 😉
A Short Film To Inspire You To: Travel More

There are certainly other movies out there and I’m very open to suggestions. You can watch these movies online for free at PeekVid or Alluc, or rip them to your iPod to watch on the plane, train, or otherwise.