Peaceluvbug wrote about her recent trip to Brussels.


Honestly, it was the cheapest trip RyanAir was offering and I speak the language, so we thought we??d go for it. Hotels in Brussels are VERY cheap, so we ended up staying at a 4-star hotel It was about the same price as staying at a nice hostel, so of course we picked the place where we could shower and leave our stuff in the room! The hotel was walking distance from the city center (Le Grand Place), right next to the European Commission and the European Parliament, and very near a huge park. I got to use my French, which was nice.

Here are some interesting tidbits about the city of Brussels:


  • About 1/3 of the 1 million inhabitants of Brussels are foreigners.
  • It is the headquarters of the European Union.
  • Brussels is a bilingual city, meaning all street signs are both in Dutch AND French.

You can read the rest and take a look at the pictures from her trip. There’s also London, Barcelona, and 8 places you should visit but might be scared to.

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