Trillian is a free standalone product that allows users to combine various messaging services such as AIM, MSN, and Yahoo. Unlike Meebo, Trillian is downloaded and installed on to your computer, so it might not be best for the office – though great for travel.

Trillian offers a host of features including encryption (Meebo does too) that can make your IMs more secure, even from your IT department. Although we prefer Meebo since it doesn’t require a download, you might have to especially if you are traveling to a not-so-safe destination or will be behind the Great Firewall of China.

If you are already using Trillian version 3.1 or older, make sure you update to the latest version. A critical vulnerability was discovered in the software that could allow an attacker to takeover (Windows) machines. Check to see you are using version at least.

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