Join a Focus Group For Extra Cash

Big companies and corporations are always looking to get consumers?? opinions of their products and pay well for them.

The Sopranos Series in 7 Minutes

With the cultural phenomenon ending this past Sunday after 6 seasons we figured many of you may still be out of the loop. Here is the entire series summed up in 7 minutes.

Dan Akroyd to Open 12 Million Dollar Wineary

Dan Akroyd of Ghostbuster fame is putting his money behind a winery in the Niagara region of Canada.

Gift Ideas for Wine Enthusiasts of Every Level

Wine is a great gift for those who drink it often and those who don??t. The hard part is knowing what to get from whom if you??re not all that wine-savvy.

Ways to Speed Up Passport Applications

Passports applications in the US are taking an average of 10-12 weeks to process due to backlog. Kiplinger??s offers a few tips to speeding up the process.