Frequent flier miles are difficult to redeem and rarely add up to free tickets due to expiration rules. Several charities accept frequent flier mile donations including those which help the families of solders serving in Iraq.

With so many American families divided due to the war in Iraq, you can help out by donating to The Fisher House. This not-for-profit organization supports American military troops by aiding in humanitarian efforts outside of what the Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs can provide. Their program, Operation Hero Miles, is overseen by The Fisher House for the Department of Defense and supplies free airline tickets to military personnel undergoing treatment due to injuries received while serving in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Donations to a number of charities may be an attractive alternative since most expire after a limited amount of time. (United Airlines’ miles disappear after 18 months.) Unfortunately donated miles are not eligible for tax deduction. [via Consumerist]

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