Lake Havasu located on the border of Arizona and California is a travel destination that recommends for water and golf lovers. Aside from the traditional outdoor activities, Kathika reviews Havasu’s nightlife and shopping hotspots.

Those of you looking to get around in style or on a budget can do so with the detailed transportation section. Get around Lake Havasu in a limo or by shuttle – Kathika provides the phone numbers and links you’ll need. Seeing that you’ll need a place to stay once you get there, Kathika gives a list of their top picks. The London Bridge Resort is Kathika’s number one choice at around $200 per night. The Black Meadow Landing and Howard Johnson Express are good alternatives for those looking for a cheaper room which you can get for around $100.

Kathika’s dining section could be expanded to include some common places to eat – sometimes fast food does just fine – though they give you two local restaurants. The Frigate Restaurant and Lounge and Montana steak house are sure to give you a taste of the southwestern atmosphere, and I’m sure you can find a Taco Bell if you really want to.

Kathika rounds up the best times of the year to visit, and for Lake Havasu it happens to be all year round. The peak time is around the beginning of spring in March, for better deals on hotels and to avoid the tourist rush, Kathika recommends you get down to Lake Havasu between January and February. gives an excellent roundup of Lake Havasu, along with others, that many might not cover. We tend to focus on larger international destinations, it’s nice that sites like Kathika have detailed information of places we’re not so familiar with here at foXnoMad.

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