Search across a listing of hotels for each of the 50 Untied States on The site’s homepage is lets you search for a place to stay in the US, Canada, and Europe. Click on Virginia for example and browse over to Alexandria and get rates from featured hotels. You’ll be provided with a long list of Virginia lodging choices in order of price per night.

Clicking through to a hotel you can get more information before you make your final decision. LodgingHunt gives a description of the property, details on the check in times, and nearby locations you can stop by. Find out how many floors there are, the amenities, and on most entries a picture of the place you’ll be staying in.

If you already know which city you want to stay in, you can use the search box to do a query. Find all of the Connecticut lodging offers in Avon, for example. Narrow your results by the dates you plan on traveling and the number of adults and children who will be joining you.

Perhaps my favorite feature of LodgingHunt is the summary of each state. You can click on any one of the states to get a run down of where to go visit and why you should look for Vermont lodging for example. You might not know why the sights and sounds of San Francisco are worth experiencing – but LodgingHunt can give you an idea. Overall, the information provided for each hotel is above and beyond what you can find on other travel search engines. LodgingHunt specializes in hotels, so it’s a good bet to stop by there as you plan your next trip.