Due to heavy winds on the east coast of the United States, I’ve missed a connecting flight to North Dakota. The large Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport is filled with restaurants and multiple bathrooms, but isn’t the best airport to spend the night in.

In general, the power outlets are positioned in the hallways away from the gates making it difficult to find a spot to charge laptops and cell phones while catching some shut-eye. You’ll be able to find a good spot in between Concourse C and D, where the massage chairs are. There are tables to place your stuff and you can use the outlets for the massage chairs (or get a massage). There is no free wireless Internet, it will cost you around $8 to connect for 24 hours. A NetStumbler search will help you to locate some free maintenance networks.

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The best thing to do in this situation is find a nice corner to sleep nearby the gate of my next flight. I’ll keep my cell phone alarm set to 3 hours before my flight to give me snooze and breakfast time. I’ve slept in many airports, and the lesson is the same for survival anywhere: find some food, shelter, and Starbucks.