My flight out of Minot, North Dakota was delayed two hours due to the weather in Minneapolis. Once we finally got on the plane, we had to wait 2 more hours for them to repair a “minor” problem with the air conditioning system. (I doubt it was something minor, if it grounded the plane.)

To compensate for the delay, the airline (Northwest) provided each passenger with coupons for 1 free alcoholic beverage, 1,000 WorldPerks miles, and $25 off our next domestic flight over $100.

Pretty weak.

They’ve given everyone vouchers to spend the night at a hotel in the area, though I’ll be staying here. I’ve got a flight out to Detroit tomorrow very early in the morning and have my nap-corner already staked out. I’ll be using some part of tomorrow I hope to write about the sites and sounds of Minot, until then, consider entering the contest.

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