Replace old windows using a company that has 35 years of experience providing replacement windows to homes and businesses. Anglian Home Improvements provides a wide range of casement, tilt and turn, and sash windows. Those of you who don’t know what all of those mean can read about them on the site as well to briefly brush up on your window knowledge.

Anglian Home Improvements is based in the UK. Aside from providing the actually windows themselves, the company provides installation services and a 10 year guarantee on parts and labor. The 10 year guarantee including the parts and labor of windows, doors, and conservatories.

The selection of style, color, and type of window is fairly large, although the site can take a bit getting used to before navigation becomes fluid. Many of the searches and steps will lead you to the Anglian Home Improvements customer service telephone line. There are also no prices listed on the site, that is because each order is priced to the specific specifications. All quotes are given over the phone depending on the products and services you require.

Overall Anglian Home Improvements gives the user a professional feel and access to a large number of window types and designs. Replacing the windows in your home can improve the resale value and lower your energy bill. Visit Anglian Home Improvements if you live in the UK and are considering replacement windows.