Save money and space in your suitcase by taking some creative vacation photos and framing them for your loved ones. Make an investment in buying cheap picture frames in bulk or from discount stores and fill them with pictures of you from your last vacation.

Many travelers struggle to find any decent gifts as they roam the globe and end up buying cheap junk that take up space both in your suitcase and in your mom’s house. A picture in a frame can be saved for any occasion, or a CD of your best photos for your more technologically inclined friends and family.

The key to this gift is to take multiple pictures from different angles of the landmarks, monuments, or natural features that remind you of the person in mind. If you end up giving a CD, make sure to weed out all of the crap photos and make each image a beauty, not a burden.

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It’s a simple gift idea, but an effective one, especially for family members. Don’t spend your precious time during your last few days of your vacation looking for crap that nobody wants or will remember anyway.

[photo by: Liselotte]