Time passes faster on long flights if you’re one of the lucky travelers who can sleep through it. You’ll save yourself some grief if you ditch the hair products and bring a stylish hat instead.

  • Lying for hours on hair that has hairspray or gel in it will irritate your scalp; combined with the dry recycled air you’ll be itching and uncomfortable. A nice hat will also keep junk like other peoples’ face grease out of your hair if you sleep in a window seat. By avoiding germs in your hair and not itching your scalp you can effectively reduce the chances of getting sick from flying.

It may seem far fetched, but even if you feel your immune system can take it, save yourself the headache of dandruff or a really bad hair day your can’t fix once you get up. A hat will also keep you from sweating from overheating your body with too many layers or a blanket since roughly 35% of body heat is lost through the head.

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[photo by: nickwheeleroz]