Staying overnight in an airport can be a fun adventure and save you money but leaves you vulnerable to theft. Many opportunistic thieves (including airport staff) may try to make off with your bags as you sleep. A good way to prevent this is to bring along a laptop lock (an essential if you bring a laptop) and lace it through the handles of your bags.

Make sure that each suitcase, backpack, and gift bag handle is connected by the lock and then secured to your leg or around your wrist. This simple technique will help to alert you if your bags are moved by anyone.

As much as possible, try to sleep on your bags – use your suitcase to put you feet upon. Although any lock will do, try to find retractable ones to reduce the amount of slack so that you’ll be sensitive to any movements. Finding a good place to sleep, setting an alarm every 2 hours to wake up, and staying connected with your baggage will help reduce you being picked out by a crook.

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[photo by: Satoly]