Make international phone calls to India and other parts of southeast Asia from the US for competitive rates through TrueRoots. The service, provided by the Indian Tata Group, works as an Indian prepaid calling card that is filled with credits online and used over any phone. The rates are competitive when compared to other services that require a mobile or land line phone.

Activation of the service is immediate and doesn’t require joining or subscribing to a service (no new user name and password to remember). Credits range in prepaid amount from $5-100 and are valid for 12 months. The current rate for calling India from the US is about 6.9 cents per minute. The service doesn’t work in reverse however and can’t be used to dial from overseas.

TrueRoots provides a good alternative to voice over IP services that require an active Internet connection and relatively new computer. Users who are uncomfortable making calls online or need the mobility or ability to call India from an office environment should benefit from TrueRoots. TrueRoots doesn’t require a physical card to be used, has PIN-less dialing, and can create speed dialing profiles for up to 3 numbers.

TrueRoots is worth a look for frequent callers to India over land or mobile phones.