Get a good understanding of where to go and what to in Oahu on the Why Visit Oahu page of the Hale Kai Villa’s resort web page. The information is easily digestible for new travelers to Oahu but is specific enough to be useful for frequent visitors to the island.

The Why Visit Oahu page takes some of the basic features of the area (surfing, volcanoes, and shopping) and gives you the names of places to get surfing lessons, setup hiking tours, and go shopping. Though the resort provides many of these services, you don’t have to have to stay there to benefit from them.

The site is written clearly and designed well. Why Visit Oahu is a bit formal however and seems oriented on a older crowd or those visiting for special occasions (honeymoons, anniversaries, etc). The Hale Kai villa is certainly an option for anyone wanting to have a private chef or bring along some friends to share the 2,391 square feet of living space.

Many times the information pages contain fluff or are blatantly teasing the reader into registering or signing up for more information. Why Visit Oahu avoids these travel turn-offs and gives you the names you’ll need to get your trip planning started. Why Visit Oahu? Find out!