Increasing travel costs, busy lives, and fewer vacation hours are not stopping trips altogether, but making them shorter. It’s not only people here in the US taking “American vacations” but the practice is becoming more common in Europe as well.

More than half of the 5,000 Brits who answered a Holiday Inn poll said the 2-week vacation is out.

No matter where you’re going don’t dismiss the idea of taking a 4-day international holiday. You’ll be able to see more places in the long run if you take the opportunity and go, even if it’s for weekend.

Save Money

Add some adventure travel to your short trips by saving on hotel costs by sleeping at airports on road trips or try your luck with home exchange.

  • Many airlines offer 3-day trans-Atlantic, cross-European, or Asian Pacific packages that include airfare, hotel, and some meals. Rather than losing money by not staying home you won’t have to pay an average of triple for a trip that’s twice as long. I’ve taken Virgin Atlantic’s vacation packages several times to visit London for a few days from the US east coast.
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    The less time we have to visit a city the more efficient travelers we become. Careful planning of walking tours, bullfights, and gondola rides will prevent your trip from sitting on the couch in another country. Combining several short trips will also keep your travel costs down.

    Good deals on short trips become more available during off-peak travel times. This will reduce the delays you face at airports and help you avoid crowds of tourists.

    Be More Relaxed

    Spreading out your trips throughout the year will help to keep you fresh which helps both your day job and your travels. Long vacations tend to wear on you and sap your energy as you find ways to fill in the 8 hour void per day you’ve created.

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    The short trip industry is growing especially in the cruise industry. As fuel prices rise and people become more reluctant to drive, I expect this (short trip) sector of the travel industry to boom. Finally, short trips don’t have to take you far from home – you can be a tourist in your own town anytime you want.

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