The results of last week’s poll showed that 75% of you preferred travel tips with the occasional travel story in between. Travel bloggers however, often find their best inspiration from their travels. The key to reaching a wider audience is to take your trips and turn them into tips and useful information.

Take The Trip

Don’t lose sight of the reason you began writing in the first place. Write a few posts from the road about very specific elements and experiences. This lays the framework for more general posts and helps your readers connect with you. Concise travel stories and some well taken photos give life to any post.

Notes As You Go

Each of us learns something new every time we set out on a new trip. Make note of your preparations and keep in mind how you adapted to your destination once you got there. Think in terms of geography (continental, country, and local) as well as what stood out to you and what made you stand out.

Choosing A One Bag Travel Backpack

It’s important to make the information universal to reach a wider audience. Flip your trip in to a tip by keeping in mind the following.

  • Modes of Transportation – How did you get there and once you were there how did you get around?
  • Problems – What troubles did you face and how did you solve them?
  • Money and Food– Always widely popular and easy to generalize.

Being able to generalize your personal experiences without losing sight of them helps to educate the traveling community at large and keep your travel blogging passion alive.

[photo by: anarcxpoll]