One of the last refuges from many travel agents’ high prices and added surcharges is SideStep. The search engine sifts through deals on hotels, airfares, and car rentals often hidden in vendor websites.

Looking to rent a car in Dallas using SideStep yields efficient search results, which are displayed based on price, agency, and location. The design of the site is painless and doesn’t bombard you with useless information. The car rental search is simply laid out; enter in the city you’ll be picking up from and the dates. The options also allow for separate pickup and drop off locations and a comparison with other major travel search engines, like Hotwire.

SideStep is consistently ranked as one of the highest rated ticket search engines on the Web. Both MSNBC and Discovery Travel have had high praise for SideStep, something I’ve written about in the past. Compared to many of the its competitors which have been taken over by advertising SideStep also goes deep into deals hidden on many websites. This gives you more options, many of which are cheaper than the alternatives.

As you search Sidestep for deals it stores your previous searches on the right side of each page for review or so you can go back to it if need be.? SideStep is absolutely free and doesn’t require registration.

This is a sponsored review of SideStep.