Travel search engine Low Fares sifts through the major online ticket sites and brokers of your choice to give you the lowest fare on your next trip. Aside from cheap airline tickets, you can find train, hotel, and vacation packages.

An initial run of the site begins with the simple display and interface common to many online travel fare search engines. Select the cities you’ll be traveling to and from along with the departure and arrival dates. A big plus is the airport assist which auto-fills a list of the airports, instead of you having to fish around for 3 letter codes. From there the second screen of the process displays a list of other large online travel agents such as Travelocity, Kayak, and Cheapoair. Low Fares gives you the option of selecting only 3 to run the comparison of lowest fares.

My basic search lead me to the best fares from each of those sites, although it opened up each one in a new browser window, something I would have preferred to keep in the same window (or at least across 3 tabs). Low Fares takes the extra step of having to search each online travel agent separately, instead you can look for the cheapest airline tickets 3 at a time.

Low Fares is a free and simple way to cut down your fare search time.

This is a sponsored review of Low Fares.