Stay in touch with your friends and family without jeopardizing the information in your email account by setting up a temporary travel account.

There are several free and quick ways to do this without having to create a huge number of additional accounts.

Create A Travel Email Account – Open a new email account with your current provider.? The new account should be your regular email address with “trav” at the end of it (i.e. “[email protected]” becomes “[email protected]”).

  • Hotmail and Yahoo – These two email providers don’t have forwarding capabilities, but the free download GetMail can do it for you. Have all of your emails forwarded to the new account to protect your privacy abroad.
  • Set up a vacation response (Gmail can do this too) telling your friends and family that you’re out traveling and to contact your ‘trav’ address.
  • Gmail – Forwarding capabilities are built it as well strong filtering capabilities (Settings > Filters).
  • In your primary account setup a filter for any words, people, or businesses you don’t want to be bothered by while on vacation. Have only the email you want delivered to your “trav” account forwarded.

Suriname Travel Advice: Your Questions Answered!

Make sure to use a completely different password for any travel email account. Internet cafes are shady places, and unknown wireless connections are easy places to get your account hacked. A temporary travel account using one of the many methods above will help insulate the damaged caused by hackers.

Anyone can read your emails over the Internet and lots of Internet cafe computers have keystroke loggers to steal passwords. Also, many conservative (and liberal) governments monitor email communications which could get you in trouble if they don’t like what you are saying or reading.

[photo by: Ross Mayfield]