Move your possessions to storage or your new home with Boston Movers. The company provides the people, trucks, and storage facilities to help you through the entire process.

The Boston Movers website has a variety of information regarding their diverse moving services which include packing, bio services, and international shipping. Along the right side of each page is a simple but detailed estimation tool that can give you a range of prices for the services offered. Customer service agents are also available for live chat or you can leave a message directly through the Boston Movers homepage during off hours.

Involve yourself to the degree you desire during your next move. Boston Movers provides several sizes and types of shipping containers, package wrapping, and automobiles to get you moving. The company, as the nam suggests, is based out of Boston, Massachusetts with facilities all over the US. Boston Movers also has specialized experience transporting unique and valuable items such as fine arts and cars.

The site is well laid out and intuitive to use, although there are too many links for my liking. The design would be better suited in a wizard or simpler format to guide inexperianced users. People interested in Boston Movers should head straight to the estimation tool (as I did) to get information on pricing, services, and schedules.

This is a sponsored review of Boston Movers.