best city 2015 championship craiova

In case you missed it, the Best City To Visit Final Four ended with two last-minute wins. Boston’s supporters came out to push their city past Reykjavik as the polls were closing Sunday. On the other side of the brackets, thanks to an active campaign by Turismo Ciudad de Granada, the Spanish city almost upset Romanian Targu Jiu in a back and forth voting race that went on until the final moments. In the end, we have Targu Jiu who defeated Granada by 3 votes facing Boston in the Championship. This is the final round of this year’s contest – will the Romanians win their third contest in a row or does Boston pull off the upset? Your votes will decide, good luck to both cities!

You have until Sunday, April 5th 6:00pm US EST to vote in each of the match ups below. Those of you reading through email and RSS will have to click-through to this page to vote.

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The 2015 Best City To Visit Travel Tournament Brackets.

best city 2015 championship

A map of the Elite 8 (red circles), Final Four (red stars), and remaining two cities in the Championship (green).

The final results of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2015 will be announced next Tuesday, April 7th!