The Jabra Move Style Edition wireless headphones are focused on precise sound and portable design, ideal for travelers who spend most of their days in urban jungles. You can watch my full review above or read on for more.

Made For Mobility

Jabra’s headphone designers should get an award, their entire lineup is elegant. (Or as they told me at CES, beautiful and function.) The Move Style Edition are no different, they’re sleek, punching above their cost to look much more expensive than their $99 price tag suggests. Tangibly, they don’t weigh much either, only 150 grams (5 ounces) and are hardly perceptible when worn, with one major caveat I’ll get to soon.

As you can see below, even opening the box was created to be an experience before you put the Move Style on.

Also, a nice inclusion is the headphone jack so although the Move have 14 hours of Bluetooth wireless battery life, using the cable can extend that indefinitely while plugged in. (The headphone cable won’t charge the battery but you can use it to listen over a wire.)

Architectural Trade-offs

All of this thought into physical build means the emphasis on it results in a few significant trade-offs for some people. Small ear cups on a tight headband keep the Move Style on the smaller side, staying put on your head but also putting pressure on your ears. Since the Move Style’s ear cups sit directly on your ear’s cartilage, they become very uncomfortable over a short time for some people.

jabra move style edition

Those of you who don’t find Beats Studio3 a pain in the ear to wear probably will do fine with the Move. But if other over-ear headphones that rest directly on your ears have bothered you in the past, I would keep the receipt for these until you’re sure either way.

Simple hardware is stylish but not making the Move fold-able was a weird choice in design. A static construction was probably to keep costs under $100 – yet given the emphasis on portability (it’s even in the name) coming up with a way to pack these into a smaller package would have been worth a higher price tag. With the Jabra Move Style Edition, it’s either around your neck or awkwardly stuffed in a bag, and no, it doesn’t come with a case.

Good On The Move

The Jabra Move Style Edition are excellent headphones on the go in the best of cities, but not in storage. In this price rage though it’s not easy to find such exceptional sound quality – comparable to the Audio-Technica SR30BT, a strong competitor that’s slightly more comfortable to wear.

The SR30BT don’t fold either demonstrating that most $100 over-ear headphones come down to the nuances of physical design. As for the sound quality, not to mention the incredible embedded microphone, the Jabra Move Style Edition is a good choice for many, but not designed for everyone.

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