best city 2019 final

The 2019 Best City to Visit Travel Tournament began over 6 weeks ago, with 64 cities and now we’re down to only two. Istanbul jumped out to an early lead in the Final Four but London outpaced it in the last moments of the round to win by just 4 votes. Meanwhile, Kyoto has quietly reached the Championship for the first time ever. Whether its luck continues, to win it all, depends on you.

Readers, it’s time to vote! Click your favorite cities before this Sunday, April 7th, 5pm US EST (-4 GMT). Final vote results many not be visible, check for updates in the comments below or on Facebook.

Thank you everyone who has participated, voted, and supported your cities! The winner of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament will be announced on Tuesday, April 9th. Good luck to both Kyoto and London!

Your Pick In This Year's Best City To Visit Travel Tournament Could Win You And Your City $1000