Although the Euro 2008 tournament is over, Americans can still enjoy the fever of international soccer across the globe. Visiting a league match in these countries who are passionate about the sport should be added to any travel itinerary.

I mentioned yesterday to expect an intense atmosphere at the game, so follow these tips to stay safe at the match.

  • Argentina – This South American country has one of the most competative national leagues in the world with a favorable exchange rate against the dollar. Packagaes including good lower level seats, transportation to the game, and food will run you about $150 for the top 5 teams and 120 minutes of intensity.
  • England – The Premier League is richest in the world and attracts many of the top players from around the world. People in the UK also speak English (a bonus for Americans) and you’ll get to see some of the best in Ronaldo, Rooney, and Henry.
  • Brazil – The 5 time winners of the World Cup, the Brazilians know soccer. Their brand of the game is fast paced and offensive-minded, which should suit the appetites of most Americans. Goals abound, eHow has a great set of tips on how to attend a game in Brazil.
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  • South Africa – Begin planning your vacation in June 2010 to this African nation that will be hosting the World Cup. 10 stadiums are being built for the event all across the country for which tickets should go on sale early 2009. The influx of tourists will make it easier to get around to this country you shouldn’t be afraid to visit.
  • Italy – The Italian Serie A league is highly competitive and games are played between August and May. To save on your travel budget, go to one of the lower (Serie B, C, or D) league games as ItalyLogue suggests. The quality of play may not be quite as good but you’ll save on ticket prices and have smaller crowds to deal with. While you’re at the game check out Jessica’s hottest Italian footballers and keep an eye out on the best looking wives around the league.
  • Spain – The Spanish Liga is ranked the 2nd best in the Europe by UEFA and has the 6th highest attendance of any sports league in the world. Visit Camp Nou, the largest football stadium in Europe and watch many of the top ranked players across the globe.
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Honorable Mention: Germany, Turkey, and South Korea.

It’s hard to find tickets to games at many of these countries online, so you’re better off going directly to the ticket booth outside of the staduim or visiting the club’s website. If you get stuck with some tickets I’d advise against scalping the tickets since the local pentalities might be harsh. Of course, don’t buy scalped either – you might get swindled for fakes.

Been to a great game in a country not listed above? Let us know in the comments!

[photo by: Radio Nederland Wereldomroep]