Search from a large selection of camping tents, shelters, and other hiking great at Great Bear Outdoors. The site offers a well laid out variety of outdoor gear for the rugged traveler.

Great Bear Outdoors is a straightforward site with the product categories lined up on the right. The products are all of the basics required for camping, beach trips, or skiing. More conventional travelers can also find items designed for the forests that work well in airports and hotels. Flash lights and backpacks aren’t limited to only mother nature. These items come in handy when you need to pack all of your electronic accessories or search through your bags while the lights are off on a transcontinental flight.

Great Bear Outdoors has basic product descriptions, although I would prefer to have more information provided for each item. It may be best to do your research before coming to the site, unless you are experienced with the equipment. A simple search online revealed that the prices on the site are average in most cases. The shipping policies and costs were not prominently featured, but the phone number is a top all of the pages for contacting the company with questions and comments.

This is a sponsored review of Great Bear Outdoors.