Destina, the formerly Spanish-only online travel agency is opening its doors to the English speaking audience. The site is well organized and returns a variety of high-end hotels to choose from.

Destina has the standard options you expect from most online booking sites, such as hotel, flight, and holiday searches. Based on the searches I conducted the best results were of European destinations. Simple searches for hotels in Washington DC or Chicago yielded sparse results. Most of the hotel options outside of Europe were high-end and expensive. A look around for ‘Madrid hotels‘ was more fruitful.

Aside from the price, Destina features detailed information about the hotel or vacation you plan to book. Often missing from online travel agencies, the information is clear, straightforward, and above all useful. Each page can be translated into over 10 languages making Destina accessible to a wide audience. I would recommend some fare searches on Destina, especially if you are traveling to or from any of the nations speaking the languages offered.

Overall, I welcome more sites like Destina, which give travelers a greater number of options and better chances of paying less. Hopefully Destina will increase their selection of hotels and vacations, especially at the lower price range, for the United States and other parts of North America and Asia.

This is a sponsored review of Destina.