bus chartersNYC Bus Charters, which I’ve reviewed previously, offers trips for small groups of 9 to 57 persons up and down the east coast of the US.

Bus Charter NYC has routes from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina all the way up to Niagara Falls in Canada, as well as cities like Boston, and of course New York City along the way. Their website is fairly straightforward although I’d prefer to see clear prices or at least ranges for some of their most popular routes.

Taking a charter bus, over say popular competition like the Apex Bus, gives you the freedom to schedule and reserve an entire bus for day or multi-day trips. It’s more comfortable and with much less hassle than trying to book in advance with several friends on buses that may be booked, filled with strange people, and not available to the destinations at the times you’re looking for.

Booking on NYC Bus Charter will require a phone call to their offices in order to set aside reservations and get a price, which I mentioned above. You should consider NYC Bus Charters when traveling in a group to an event like a concert, parade, or gambling excursion in Atlantic City.

This is a sponsored review of NYC Bus Charter.