Nomadic Matt makes $3,000 a month with his travel websites. His eBook, How To Make Money With Your Travel Blog teaches you how he does it. The book is straightforward and informative for travel blogging beginners and veterans alike. I decided to review the  book for Matt and will send a copy to the first person to comment on this post.

how to make money with your travel blog ebookMaking money with your travel blog sounds like a great idea but few travelers understand how to leverage multiple sites (yes, you need more than one), search engine optimization (SEO), and how to get connected with their peers. How To Make Money With Your Travel Blog brings you from the ground up and leaves it up to you on how far you want to go.

Ask Author And Blogger (Nomadic) Matt Kepnes How To Travel The World On $50 A Day

The eBook is short, only about 30 pages, but is dense with information. You’ll learn how to create a travel blog with monetization in mind and for those of you with travel blogs, uncover some mistakes you’ve already made.

Many of the general ideas covered in the eBook may be old news to some of you, but the sections on SEO and increasing traffic offer more than generic advice. There are specific examples in each section that teach travel bloggers how to implement the key elements to creating a successful travel blogs and making money from them.

What makes the eBook How To Make Money With Your Travel Blog so compelling is that Matt is actually doing it and he spells it right out for you. The advice is sound and simple and attainable, provided you put in lots of work and don’t expect immediate results – two points Matt makes very clearly.

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How To Make Money With Your Travel Blog is available for download for $27.

You can follow Matt’s blog at Nomadic Matt and his Twitter feed, @nomadicmatt. I’ve also posted advice on how to build a successful travel blog and keep your travel blog going for further reading.