essaouria citadel

Essaouria is a Moroccan coastal town on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s about a 3 hour drive from Marrakesh and the route is well known for its famous goats in trees – literally, the animals climb up there to eat the fruit from the argan tree. Unfortunately the only goats I saw were tethered to the trees by the local farmers looking to charge people passing by for pictures. It is a natural phenomenon though, albeit one I wasn’t lucky enough to see. (Although this cute little guy was kind enough to pose for me.)

Essaouira has a great fish market and lots of good restaurants by the water where you can try all sorts of fresh catch before wandering around the side streets in the medina. Shopping in Essaouria is fun especially if you like art; there small galleries all over the place. The shop owners are also much less aggressive than inside the walls of the medina in Marrakesh. Here are a few more of my pictures from Essaouria which include some of the crafts you’ll find there.

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