The conversations were on fire this past month; on several posts you and your fellow readers gave us all a lot to think about. From taking better pictures to protecting your camera with insurance, these are some of the best comments from January.

kids chitchatting

  • Cam says a low-fare carrier isn’t always the cheapest option when you consider these conditions, so often common with budget airlines.
Ask A Perpetual Traveler 7 Years Later: What It’s Like To Book A One-Way Ticket And Just Go

Thank you everyone from providing the great conversations on these posts from the past month. For February (as promised) I’ll pick the my favorite 5 comments and have a small gift to send the authors. Is there anything you’d prefer? I’m leaning toward a small gift card because they’re easy to deliver digitally and rather useful for most people – but I’m open to suggestions. I’ll announce what I ultimately decide, appropriately, in the comments below this post a week from today.

[photos by: Ivan Makarov (kids chitchatting), Gino (laptop on fire)]