orange tabby cat sleeping in sunThere used to be two diverse positions when it came to online connectivity while off traveling. Some people were completely disconnected whereas the others lugged around the ancient versions of 5 kilo laptops. Now we’ve got phones, digital guidebooks, and laptops thinner than a fat piece of paper, making it hard to escape the web, no matter where we are.

Including email, Facebook, and Skype: When you’re traveling, what’s the longest you go without being online at all?

As you might imagine, my answer is less than 3 hours when I’m awake, on average. And since I’m always traveling, that’s pretty much all the time. Most of my Internet hours revolve around foXnoMad in some way, although I’ll likely be getting two hands or four soon to help out. Still, I imagine I’ll be online more often than not; though I think I may not be the only one with a travel online addiction habit. I’d be interested to hear how much – or little – you’re in cyberspace when traveling in the comments below! I’ll share some of your responses in an upcoming post – or therapy session.