alfa long range usb antenna

One of the 5 most effective ways to increase your laptop’s wireless range when traveling is to use a long-rang USB antenna. These realtively small devices can help you connect to airport and hostel networks that might otherwise be out of range by increasing your wireless reach by more than 3 times. I first covered wireless USB antennas more than 3 years ago and since that time newer models, operating systems, and standards have been released.

I decided it’s time to update those previous recommendations (which are still good by the way – I’m using my Alfa AWUS036EH right now) with a few of my favorite current models.

hoover dam electrical wiresA Quick Reminder How Long-Range USB Antennas Work: Advantages And Drawbacks

Laptops come with built-in wireless cards that pickup signals from wireless access points (e.g. routers). Imagine two people shouting instructions at each other over a distance. The only way they can communicate more efficiently is by getting closer, improving their hearing, screaming louder, or some combination of the three. The wireless access point already has a megaphone and amazing ears but can’t move. You can move but but might not be able to get reasonably closer to the access point. A long-range USB antenna gives your laptop bigger digital ears and a louder voice.

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Since energy can’t be created or destroyed those ears and voice come at a price: electricity. Wireless antennas consume anywhere from 10-30% more power than your built-in card. (Measured in milliwatts; the typical laptop card is about 100mW.) More range means more electricity consumed. Not a problem when you’re plugged in but something to be aware of when your laptop is running on batteries. I should also mention that long-range USB antennas work with desktops as well, but you’re better off putting that beast to good use at home when traveling.

Models To Consider And Compatibility

Most long-range USB antennas will work with any old wireless network you’re likely to come across but a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the card you’re going to purchase works with your specific operating system (e.g. Windows 7). Most card descriptions will specify what OS they’ll work with but if you’re unclear, email the manufacturer to be certain.

  • n3: 802.11n Wireless-N Long Range WiFi USB (700mW) – Roughly $35 and compatible with most Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. A good blend of power and user-friendliness (in terms of OS compatibility).
  • Alfa AWUS036H (1000mW) – Around $30 and compatible with most pre-Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 versions. Good especially for Windows users running on older systems. Those of you on newer Windows OS computers can take a look at the Alfa AWUS036NH (2000mW) that runs about $30 as well.
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Both the n3 an Alfa AWUS036NH (2000mW) are compatible with the newer, faster 802.11n wireless standards.

Where To Purchase Wireless USB Antennas

For (free) shipping in the United States, and those of you living in Canada, Rokland.com online store is a good place to pick up a long-range USB antenna. They’ve also got a 30-day return policy as well as prompt customer service. Since they don’t ship elsewhere (it changes so email them first to verify your country) your local version of Amazon.com is likely to have one or all of these antenna models to choose from.

Have you or do you use a long-range USB antenna? Let’s hear what models you’ve enjoyed the benefits of (or haven’t) in the comments below!