rss iconFor those of you following foXnoMad and my writing through RSS using Google Reader, that service is shutting down on July 1, 2013 – forever. Most of this post pertains to you, for everyone else, kittens…and hedgehog! Here’s how you can transfer all of your feeds (including mine!) to one of the good alternatives out there in 180 seconds or less.

Google Reader Replacements

There are a number of solid RSS readers out there which Lifehacker has a nice rundown of. Personally, I’m now using Feedly, which has a 1-button import function for your Google Reader subscriptions on their homepage. Many of your fellow readers also follow this site and others using Pulse, a beautiful way to read anything on the Internet. (Here’s the one-button Google Reader import for Pulse.)

A Moment For An Update


Finally, The Old Reader exists for those of you who can’t let go of Google Reader. There’s no mobile version however as there is for Feedly and Pulse, but like those two, The Old Reader is also free.

Other Ways To Catch My Updates

Aside from RSS, you can get my latest posts via email. They’re sent out twice-weekly (Tuesday and Thursday) when I publish new articles.

Get my latest posts in your inbox:

Additionally, although they’re less regular, everything I post ends up on my Facebook page and Twitter feed at some point relatively soon after they’re up on the site. I also do other things on Twitter and Facebook, so you might want to follow me there anyway, I’ll appreciate every click. (I’m a cheap date.) So, since there are 278 words in this post and the average native speaker reads English at 300 words per minute, you’ve got 124.4 seconds left to switch from Google Reader. Along the way if you run into any problems at all, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Now 306 words…don’t worry you’ve still got plenty of time.

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