best city 2020 round of 32

We enter a short Round of 32 cities in the Best City to Visit Travel Tournament 2020. Porto, Abu Dhabi, Karachi, and Islamabad all make it on tie-breakers and some familiar places starting strong.

Click your favorite 16 cities below and hit the vote button underneath. You have until this Monday, March 9th 11:59pm US EST (-5 GMT) to vote.

Although the cities are competing directly against one another as shown in the bracket above, I decided to make voting easier by letting you choose 16 from the list below. The cities with the most votes versus their match up move on to the next round.

I’m the official tie-breaker in every round in case any two cities end up with the same number of votes. Remember, the Sweet 16 begins Tuesday, March 10th! Good luck everyone and everywhere!

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