Winter, I’m Sorry

I have, in the past, been harsh on winter. From sunnier climates I’ve even told the entire season to go fornicate with itself, in not so eloquent terms. Since then, my relationship with winter has improved. We have reconnected over the things we love, like snow and the occasional disruption of civilization resulting in warm drinks. Embrace layers and you’re not so bad. Maybe I never thought you were but couldn’t say it. Winter, I’m sorry.

Don’t get me wrong, the ease of being outdoors needing only to cover your core and bits with a shirt and shorts is hard to neglect. With winter, real winter (no snow, no go) you have to think. The air temperature might kill you. Chapped lips at best. And the in between isn’t pretty. But there’s also the beauty of being a bundled sack of flesh with other sacks of flesh walking in isolation on a city block. The look of, this sucks but we can’t dwell on it, too cold.

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Like driving down some old isolated highway and seeing someone broken down. It’s a whole different experience making you rethink stranger danger.

Snow absorbs sound, did you know that? It’s the reason the white fluffy stuff kids love and adults hate makes things so quiet, even our loud, noisy mechanical societies for a moment. Moments that are becoming rarer, thanks in part due to those machines. Winters are getting warmer. Summers, hotter.

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We collectively turned our backs on your winter, and now look at us. All we might be left with are scorching summers, can’t even enjoy the heat without you. Being able to strap on boots and moving dangerously fast on two pieces of wood with only your knees as shock absorbers isn’t the only benefit.

Runoff from snow caps and glaciers is an important source of fresh water. Something a lot more people around the world are finding it hard to access. It turns out winter, you’re a lot more useful than we give you credit for.

There might come a day where we can’t meet. As it is already, we meet less frequently every year. In our lifetimes, you could become very rare indeed.

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As humans, we tend to shy from winter’s blustery winds, freezing rains, and deceptively sunny skies. Many other creatures do too, like ticks and mosquitos – not a lot on the cute and cuddly list. Allergies get worse.

We should have realized it. Winter, we need you. The ying to planetary yang, we have neglected you too long. I hope, soon, we all start caring about you again. It will take some change on our part. Saying sorry is one thing, doing something about it another. See you around winter, I’m looking forward to seeing you again.