Altstadt Hotel Overview

The Altstadt Hotel is one of the few budget hotels you’ll find in a reasonable location in Baku. It’s not cheap per say but certainly less expensive than its competitors in the Old City (Icheri Sheher). The rooms are very small and the bathrooms even more so; larger people will likely have some trouble in the showers as even at my height things were a bit cramped. Generally speaking, the hotel is fairly clean, not spotless, but was under renovation as I was leaving. (So improvements are likely on the way.) The hotel has free wireless that’s weak on the upper floor but an Ethernet connection in each room solves that problem. Breakfast is complementary in the mornings and it’s a nice spread of traditional offerings, tea, and coffee. The Altstadt Hotel does not accept credit cards, despite what their website says, so have enough cash upon arrival or at least the day of. Finally, staff will do their best to direct you to the hotel’s private tours and services which aren’t bad but expensive. Don’t be discouraged however as public transportation options are available; though you’ll have to do some digging to get details.

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The Breakdown

  • Category: Moderately High Budget
  • Dorms Available? No
  • Private Rooms? Yes
  • Breakfast? Yes – varied with bread, cheeses, olives, tea, coffee, eggs, and more
  • Free Wireless? Yes; Ethernet connections also available in each room
  • Quality of Wireless: Fair; doesn’t carry into the upper floors
  • Airport Pickup: Yes

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