Chrkan Hotel Overview

The Chrkan Hotel is a nice budget hotel located near the larger Ashti Hotel in town. The rooms are clean, though a bit small, very adequate for most traveler’s basic needs. The staff is helpful although best to know a few words of Arabic or Kurdish to communicate. There is also a restaurant on the ground floor that didn’t seem in use, but next door is a good local fare place to eat. Across the street there is a good grocery store for a variety of food and household items – and a liquor store right around the corner from that.

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The Breakdown

  • Category: Budget
  • Dorms Available? No
  • Private Rooms? Yes
  • Breakfast? Yes
  • Free Wireless? No [Internet not available at all]
  • Quality of Wireless: N/A
  • Airport Pickup: No

Booking Must Be Done In Person

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