Shahan Hotel Overview

The Shahan Hotel is located very close to the entrance of the Arbil Citadel, slightly to the right (if looking from the citadel) and across the street. The conditions of the rooms aren’t great, many of the walls had some molding and toilets were adequate to say the least, but aside from the appearance a fine place to stay in Arbil. The staff is attentive and rooms cleaned everyday and security inside the building was never an issue. (There is a safe behind the reception desk though I never used it.) Payment is made upfront for the duration of the stay – and you’ll have to book in person with cash – as there is no online option currently.

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The Breakdown

  • Category: Budget
  • Dorms Available? Yes
  • Private Rooms? Yes
  • Breakfast? Yes
  • Free Wireless? No [Internet not available at all]
  • Quality of Wireless: N/A
  • Airport Pickup: No

Booking Must Be Done In Person

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