More like an apartment (without a kitchen) rather than a hotel room, Otel Efendi is a very comfortable, clean place to stay. The hotel is in an apartment block, meaning the rooms are quite small but cozy. Located off the main tramway line (near the Beyazit station), you’ve got to walk about 8 minutes to get to Otel Efendi, which is slightly downhill in a quiet neighborhood. It’s best if you’re unfamiliar with the area to arrive during daylight hours as it could be difficult to find for some. There’s free wireless anda a single innkeeper on the lower level. Keep in mind that Otel Efendi is cash only (paying with credit card is possible but requires making the transaction at another hotel) and English is limited.

The Breakdown

  • Category: Moderate
  • Dorms Available? Yes
  • Private Rooms? Yes
  • Breakfast? No
  • Free Wireless? Yes
  • Quality of Wireless: Average
  • Airport Pickup: No

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