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Direct flights may get you to your destination quicker but often because you’ll be traveling with a lighter wallet. You can see more places for less with multi-city flights, or any route with a layover in a connecting city. Working out these fares had previously required you to break down each leg of a trip manually, plugging in possibilities to turn up the cheapest connections. JetRadar’s new MagicFare feature automates the process of uncovering inexpensive multi-city flights on select itineraries, potentially saving you 30% on what you’d pay otherwise.

What Magic Fare Does

Basically, any flight you book with a connection comes with added fees tacked on by the booking engine you’re searching with, all for the inconvenience of having a layover. Working with a number of partners, MagicFare is able to find and strip out these added costs on selected routes so you end up paying less, up to 30%. In my testing of MagicFare I found I was able to save 10% on most of the routes I looked for, comparing prices for the same flights using Kayak’s multi-city flight search.

How To Use MagicFare To Save On Your Next Flight

You use MagicFare as you would any other flight booking search engine, entering your departure and destination cities, dates, and other flight details. For comparison, you should open up any other booking engine you regularly use in another browser window and plug in the same information. For a few seconds of extra effort, you may be able to uncover a fare 10-30% less than you would otherwise; assuming there’s a connecting flight in between. Although MagicFare does let you look for direct flights, you won’t find much in the way of savings, since it’s designed to take advantage of eliminating tariffs placed for layovers.

From Philosophy To Flight

Max Kraynov

JetRadar is highly selective about the partners they work with, they tell me from their headquarters from Phuket, Thailand. With the sounds of colorful birds in the background, JetRadar’s staff describe the vision of their founder, former airfare blogger Konstantin Kalinov: a simple multi-city search engine that saves travelers money. One whose support is easily reachable through Twitter (@jetradar_com), the JetRadar Facebook page, as well as email. In order for MagicFare to work as well as it does, by policy they don’t work with partners who add fees – any fees – to the booking process. Also, nothing MagicFare does increases costs for the traveler booking, they make all of their money through commissions with the partners.

Adding another travel metasearch engine to your next airfare hunt may not seem worth a few extra seconds of investment but the savings MagicFare routinely uncovers may have you eliminating the other sites instead. You can run your own price tests on MagicFare’s homepage, or download the mobile version for Android and iOS.