I’m a geek so I always travel with my technology and laptop in hand. I travel alot and have had flights canceled and delayed – laptops are great for those situations too. Besides writing Myspace comments from Hong Kong is just cool.
Here is a list of airports in the United States that offer wireless internet access and how much it costs (some of them are free – even big ones like Phoenix, Orlando, Las Vegas, Houston, and Ft. Lauderdale).

And some not-so-big ones:

  • Boise, Idaho
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Richmond, Virginia

Sorry DC residents, National and Dulles don’t even offer the service. There are some “unorthodox” methods (it’s worked at Dulles for me before) but I don’t want to get arrested thank you very much.

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It will cost you 3 beers for the information 😛