As it is cold and flu season it’s the little things that will make you or break you. One good place to avoid germs is your keyboard. Both at work and at home, a dirty keyboard can be the source of all sorts of nasty molds, germs, and other gunk that will have you coughing and feeling crappy in general.

It seems like common sense, but here are some good things to think about during this busy time of the year.

  • Wipe your office keyboard down before your use it in the morning, after you eat (anytime of the day) and before you leave at night. A disinfectant isn’t necessary, a warm moist paper towel will do.
  • Wipe your home keyboard down after each use.
  • Always wash your hands after your eat – and try not to eat over your keyboard.
  • Once a week tilt your keyboard 45 degrees and take a can of compressed air and spray between the crevices. You’d be amazed at what blows out of there, from moldy crumbs, to dust balls, and yellow things you won’t be able to identify.
  • And of course before you take a cloth or can of air to your keyboard, lock your screen so you don’t end up typing or deleting anything accidentally. (Windows XP users: Start > Log Off > Switch Users).
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Do you guys have any personal don’t-get-sick tips? The canned air one is my personal tip for you all. I hate getting sick, doesn’t everyone?