If I’ve noticed one thing about flying over the past year, it’s that the baggage weight limit keeps dropping. In fact the limit for most international flights is 20kg (which is about 45lbs). That may seem like enough, but it always seems that you end up a few kilos over – no matter what the limit.

The fines are nothing negligible either, averaging 75 dollars.

Why are these limits imposed?

The limits are a way for the airlines to make money, especially in these lean times. They are not for your safety or because heavy luggage can weight the aircraft down. The trick to avoiding this fine is simple – bring a second small suitcase for yourself in case you go over the limit. You are given 20 kilos per suitcase, but not a 40 kilo total (if you only have one suitcase).

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What that mean is if you have one 25 kilo suitcase, you can just put the extra 5 kilos in the second suitcase. This way you are not fined and it doesn’t break any rules. Bring along one of those smaller suitcases with the wheels on them. If you don’t need it, give it back to your friend/family member who gave you a ride and pick it up when you get back from Tahiti :mrgreen:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about those women people who already travel with two suitcases, the fine for bringing an extra piece of luggage is usually $50. You’ll have an extra piece of luggage, but $25 extra bucks to go shopping with 😉