You may not know the (controversial) history of Cyprus – a large island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is not likely to be most peoples vacation destination despite its natural beauty and cheap prices. Since the north part of the island is not internationally recognized the only way to get there is by plane or boat leaving from Turkey.

If you are feeling adventurous it’s a trip well worth taking. My cousin recently visited and had this to say. She also took these pictures.

The first thing was the roads are exactly like England, I mean cars are going to left (right line is coming). Cyprus is a former British colony and there are some British hotels there, also quite a few Brits as well. They don’t have many cafes and restaurants, I found Cyprus pretty poor actually…and food and drinks are so cheap (like a bottle of vodka absolut is just 15 YTL – $7 US).

As you can see from the pictures it is so empty because the Cypriots told us that Cyprus is a summer place to live, business is dead in the winter.

They are not very fond of Turkish people – most of them working as taxi drivers and in restaurants. There is also a high Kurdish population. I was shocked to get on a dolmus (small 7-8 person bus) and hear everyone speaking Kurdish.

You can also read this post on her blog about the trip. Feel free to ask her any questions in the comments 8)

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