Today is Shut Down Day [via TreeHugger] and is an attempt to combat global warming by giving our silicon friends a break from crunching numbers and downloading porn helping with homework. The aim is to get people to go an entire 24 hours today without using a computer. I’m not sure about global warming, but I sure could use the time away. I doubt I can go an entire day, though I’ll try. At least I’ll only power up one of my machines if need be.

Shutting down your computer when you’re not using is adds up to major energy savings, less carbon emissions and relaxes the soul as much as an ecofriendly glass of wine. Do you leave your machine on when you’re not using it?

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Advertised as one of the ?biggest global experiments ever to take place on the Internet?, the idea is to find out how many people can go without a computer for one whole day. On the Shutdown Day site at last glance, the running tally is 51,635 claiming that they CAN go without computers, whilst 8,075 have admitted they cannot.

How long can you go without hitting your machine? I know that I may need to print out directions and use my cybernetic memory aka. Gmail. Though I’ll make a conscious effort to computer-detox and go play outdoors today!