As we’ve posted before, traveling, in particular flying, creates “a lot” of pollution. Those of you who like to hop around the Earth may want to do so without destroying it. Native Energy allows you to offset the extra – actually all – of the CO2 emissions you create in a year. First calculate the number of tons your household is responsible for annually. Round it up to the nearest whole number, for example 10. Native Energy then allows you to “offset” that same amount for $10 per month with 100% clean and renewable energy (for 10 tons).

From their site:

Offset your CO2 emissions from electricity use, from heating/cooling your home, from air travel, or driving your car. You don?t have to switch power companies, modify your home or car, or change anything to participate.

Help new renewable energy projects get built. New Native American and Alaskan Native wind turbines and new family dairy farm methane energy projects will deliver clean, renewable energy to the grid on your behalf, displacing power that otherwise has to come from burning fossil fuels.