The Washington Post has a nice review on this recent film that “has no plot…but engrossing strange movie about the soccer superstar.” Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait is showing in and around the DC area for free as well as other locations.

From the review:

There’s surprisingly little artiness in the whole piece. Or rather, the film’s peculiarities seem to be there to serve its subject matter, the way a more standard technique might. That’s why they’re not off-putting to almost anyone. They reveal the artists’ profound respect for their subject, and a desire to use the tools of current art to come to grips with him: with all his gestures and tics, with who and how he is, and with what it is to be him on the soccer field, where he is most himself. Or at least, the only him that truly matters to his fans.

The film will also be available from Netflix. If you don’t like the film, remember don’t talk about his sister. As you watch the film marvel at the physical ability he displays, despite being a smoker. If you don’t know who he is, perhaps this will remind you.

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