6 Science And Sci-Fi Podcasts For Travel

This post is part of Geek Takeover Week 2020.

Podcasts are an ideal medium to deep dive into a topic and with so many these days (there’s even a foXnoMad Podcast ; ) you can find one for any nerdy subject. Whether you’re into sci-fi, television, or science these are podcasts sure to entertain you on your next trip.

1. The Delta Flyers

Star Trek Voyager fans will enjoy (still, probably) Ensign Harry Kim actor Garrett Wang and Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) going through each episode of the series one by one. The Delta Flyers has improved a lot over its first 10 episodes and the behind the scenes stories will amuse any Trek fan. McNeill’s directing insights are also interesting, particularly for anyone interested in cinematography.

2. The 7th Rule

Sticking with a Star Trek theme, The 7th Rule is a Deep Space Nine series re-watch. Originally started by Aron Eisenberg (Nog), Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko), and hosted by Ryan T. Husk, the podcast has continued and evolved into a tribute of Eisenberg’s life since he passed away in 2019. Lofton and Husk are still going through DS9 episodes weekly, often with guests, plus put on the first ever Virtual Trek Con last month. The 7th Rule also has active weekly live sessions on YouTube open to everyone.

3. StarTalk Radio

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Hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and one of several comedian co-hosts, they cover all things science. StarTalk Radio also features guests like Captain Kirk – I mean William Shatner – but the most fun segments are the Q&A cosmic queries.

4. The Vergecast

A great podcast to catch up on the week’s top tech news, The Vergecast breaks it down for technology enthusiasts as well as most casual listeners as well.

5. Talking Sopranos

Having a blend of actors, directors, and writers on the show all about the show Sopranos makes listening to each episode about an episode fascinating. Honestly, Talking Sopranos sounds like it would be a dull concept but it’s very entertaining and has only improved with time.

6. Battlestar Galacticast

Bru, if you love science fiction but haven’t seen Battlestar Galactica, get on that now. Actor Tricia Helfer and TV writer/journalist Marc Bernardin breakdown each episode in order – but warning – it’s best to watch the series first. Battlestar Galacticast is not a spoiler-free zone and trust me, BSG is one you don’t want preemptively ruined.

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Honorable Mention: Alone Together

DS9 fans desperate for new material, well Doctor Bashir, Garak, and a few others from the show are putting out a video series of fan fiction. Yes, Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robinson reprise their roles in Alone Together – it’s all on YouTube but acts more as listening material. Perfect for a road trip to the Gamma Quadrant or visit to the Fire Caves on Bajor.

There’s a lot of content here for any trip long or short, to varying degrees of nerdiness. What are some of your favorite podcasts to load up before you hit the road, take to the subway, or head to the airport?